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AZgallery has been created by Azerbaijan International (AI) magazine to help provide a venue for Azerbaijani artists to become known in the international community. As yet, most artists in Azerbaijan don't have personal computers to create their own Web sites so we decided to help out because we love their art and have often featured it in the pages of our magazine. We would encourage you to get to know the artists personally and, if you get a chance, to visit them in their studios in Baku. They welcome your friendship.

Azerbaijan International magazine was founded in 1993 and has been available on the WEB since 1996 at AI is targeted for an international audience of English readers to fill ithe void about Azerbaijan brought on by the information blockade during the Soviet period (1920-1991). Today, during the country's transition to independence and a market economy, artists, who once were used to receiving government sponsorship, are struggling to find their own resources and clientele. We feel they deserve the support of the international community.

Our magazine introduces a wide range of topics about Azerbaijan including art, music, folklore, architecture, contemporary history, social issues, business and oil. Most articles in the published version are also accessible on the WEB (850 articles, 1,000 photos and 70 samples of music), making Azerbaijan International's Web site the largest in the world dedicated to Azerbaijan.

For information about subscription to AI which is published this 100+ page quarterly, contact us at or fill out the subscription form at SUBSCRIPTIONS at

The entire issue of Summer 1999 was dedicated to Azerbaijan's art. It is a 124 page full color publication called "Colors of the Century". If you would like to purchase this volume, send $10 (if you live in the U.S) $15 (if you live elsewhere). Price includes shipping and handling and contains all the telephone numbers of artists featured in the issue.

AI has offices in Los Angeles and in Baku.

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